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Bachelor Degree In IT

Apart from doing something you love, you’ll be making a very high amount of money as well.

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Advantages Information Technology

Latest information technology has brought many advantages and uses in the technological world.

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Best Solution For Your Business

Our passion is, to creatively and effectively apply technology to solve business problems.

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Nature of Electronic Security Systems

It is difficult to narrow the term “Electronic Security Systems” to mean any particular type of system, because virtually all security systems in use today contain one or more electronic components. Thus, all security system found in homes and offices fall under electronic security systems. The nature, complexity and function of the electronic components is what gives them distinction. Let us review the different locations and functions of the electronic components in the different security systems.

Basic Home and Office Alarm Systems

Here, the major electronic components are found in the panel to which the alarm sounders are connected. The electronic sensors are programmed to sound the alarm if a break in is detected within its coverage area. This technology is similar to that employed in fire alarm systems ad gas leak detention systems. The sensors employed are smoke detectors and gas detectors respectively. A break in usually breaks or completes the circuit in alarm systems, thus activating the alarms.

Camera Surveillance Systems

The electronic components here are found in the different cameras and the transmission. Different camera types and their capabilities in different situations indicate that the electronics in them are of different types.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Security Systems

This type of security systems contains electronic components which make it possible to convert camera videos to the desired format. DVR Security Systems can be stand alone or computer based. The computer based variant contains multiple electronics and digital components which make the systems work together along side the embedded DVR card and installed software.

Business Security Systems

These usually contain an array of different electronic components depending on whether it is an access control systems, intrusion detection or other wise. These are usually more complex because they are connected to work with databases and verify credentials of staff members for access to be granted.

As earlier noted all forms of security systems in existence are deemed to be electronic security systems in so far as they contain some element of circuitry which are the most basic electronic components.

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Functions of Digital Security Systems

Digital Security Systems are those which employ digital technologies in one or more of the components that make up the whole system. These technologies have evolved over time from the time of analogue components to modern digital types. From Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to Digital Video Recorder (DVR) systems, digital technologies have their different functions, as will be outlined below.

CCTV Systems

In CCTV Digital Security systems, the digital technology embedded makes it possible for multiple cameras to record video streams and transmit them to storage or an output media simultaneously. Analogue security systems are only capable of performing same action from one camera at a time.

Digital Video Recorder Security Systems

Apart from the digital technologies embedded in regular computer systems, the DVR card is the means by which images recorded from the cameras are converted to the appropriate digital format using mpeg4 compression technologies. This makes the picture quality better and expels extraneous line and blurs from the images.

Online Surveillance and Monitoring Systems

Digital technologies are very important to the proper operation of surveillance and monitoring security systems. Without digital influences, the quality of the video streams would be poor and it would be difficult to transfer the images to online secure servers or directly stream them from an online medium. In essence, online surveillance and monitoring for security purposes might be impossible without embedded digital technologies.

Business Access Security Controls

Digital technologies are also heavily utilized in Business Security Systems, most especially as it relies on a database of multiple people with their programmed access credentials. Finger print access, iris authentication, and voice controls are examples of business security systems dependent on digital technologies.

Finally, it must be noted that digital technologies have been very instrumental to the advances we have seen in security systems over the years. As earlier noted, digital security systems evolved the same way digital technologies conquered electronics and other aspects of manufacturing.

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Options for Residential Security Systems

The decision to leave a home unattended to these days means leaving it to the mercy of burglars, thieves and lurkers. Although many options exist such as hiring a watchman to keeping a watchdog but thanks to today’s advancement in technology, residential security systems can do the same job more efficiently and economically.

Most common residential Security Systems comprises of cameras, intrusion detection systems, recording equipment, alarms, reporting mechanisms, fire threat awareness systems and police or medical emergency systems. These systems can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on the threat that has been envisaged. Outdoor systems have all weather cameras that also provide night vision capability. Besides this, doors, windows and entrances can also be fitted with intrusion detection systems which may raise an alarm or call a specified telephone number and play a recording for the police or owners. Devices such as motion sensors do exactly what their name imply, and warn owners of an impending threat. Advanced motion sensors are even able to tell the difference between a human being and an animal or pet.

These systems can be either wired or wireless, depending on one’s choice, each offering a distinct set of advantages. Outdoor systems can be installed only for perimeter defense only; similarly indoor systems are mostly used for areas that require constant watch. Generally it is always a good idea to install both indoor and outdoor systems for foolproof security. Security systems can also be used for real-time monitoring of one’s premises over the Internet or even a cell phone. Technology has got to a point where a child in a crib can be monitored by the parent using webcam and Internet irrespective of his/her location.

Nowadays, Home Security Companies provide customized solutions for customers, so that people can enjoy peace of mind while on vacations or at work. Before registering for a service it is always wise to get maximum information about the various services being offered by companies and then go for the best option.

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Tips for Security Systems Installation

Installation of security systems can be very simple or difficult depending on the type of system being installed and the technological suaveness of the person carrying out the job. After the final decision has been made on the type of security system to the installed, you can then go ahead to draw up an installation plan. Outlined below are tips that can dosing help you get a good hang of the installation of any type of security system.

Wired Security Systems

When installing wired security systems, you have to get your hands a little dirty mainly because you need to run wires to connect the different components of the system, which include the control panel, the sounders and electrical points for power. Usually, most wired alarm systems come with step by step installation instructions. Here, you would need to drill holes in the walls of ceiling, run the wires and pin then to the wall in a hidden fashion. However, it is better to run the wires through conduits. Little tools like clamps, cutters, drills and the like would be needed for a clean job with wired security systems.

Wireless Security Systems

Wireless Security Systems are relatively easier to install. You just need to locate vantage points to place the access points, close to electrical mains for power and charging the batteries. Switch on the points and connect to the alarm or surveillance systems wirelessly.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Security Systems

Here, you need some knowledge of computer connectivity and networking to be able to do a good job. After setting up a regular computer with high memory and storage space, a DVR card would need to be embedded to enable the conversion of videos into the proper digital format via mpeg4 compression technologies. In addition, the DVR compatible software has to be installed on the computer in order for the videos to be streamed real time or transmitted to an online or offline secure server.

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Uses of Network Security System

Network Security Systems are those systems linked to one or more locations for enhancing the effectiveness of the security solution. These connections could be via telephone lines, the internet, secure computer networks or even wires. Though, it is rare to find wired networks being used over very distant locations. Now, let us move on to the different uses.

For Centralized Security Systems

Network Security Systems can be utilized in large buildings housing multiple companies where they all share a central security solution. This network enables the video streams being monitored across several floors to be transmitted to a central point within the building. Since similar equipment will be used across the different offices in the building, they have to be interlinked for greater effectiveness, especially if the different companies jointly use areas like the car park, rest rooms and the canteen.

Internet Capable Security Systems

Networking technologies must be utilized in security systems which employ the Internet for online streaming of surveillance videos or transmission to secure server. Note that the Internet is a network of computers. This networking is what allows remote devices like phones and laptops to connect back to the home or office and view current happenings.

Wireless Security Systems

This is one common form of security systems that has gained ground today. It utilizes wireless technologies operating over ranges of 15-20 metres. The different components (or access points) that make up the wireless security system are viewed as being together in a network. The network can be infinitely expanded as far as wireless access points are added. Wireless Security systems have proven to be efficient options to hard wired security systems.

Though network security systems are efficient, one risk associated with it is that an extra layer of security has to be added to prevent unauthorized users hacking in to the security network. For instance video streams being transmitted over the Internet must be secure and prevent outsiders from being able to view the contents. One method of doing this is via encryption.

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Features of Commercial Security Systems

Commercial Security Systems are those used by businesses and other large concerns where access to the premises and confidential information has to be protected. They are usually more complex and expensive than home security systems. Some of the features that distinguish them from home security systems include the following:

Database Connectivity

Most commercial security systems, especially those used for controlling access to the business premises and high risk areas are usually connected to a database. This database holds the credentials of authorized users and the means by which they can access the secured area. These credentials can be enrolled finger prints, recorded voices for matching access, or iris authentication etc.

Real Time Monitoring

Most commercial security systems are constantly monitored on a 24 hour basis, as opposed to home security systems where full time monitoring can be optional. This monitoring is very important in order to be able to respond quickly in the event of an attempted theft or attack. The key concern here is “prevention” and not “detection” of unwanted occurrences.

Higher complexity

Commercial security systems are usually much more complex than home security systems. This is because they are required to carry out much more functions. They can also be connected to human and property protection systems which can include fire alarms and water sprinklers. For instance, commercial intrusion detection systems are security systems which do not only detect human entry, but can detect floods entering into the business premises.

These features do not just offer enhances security. They also go on to provide additional advantages like improving employee productivity and reducing insurance expenses on the business premises. For the first point, this happens because employees are more efficient when they know that they are constantly being monitored by unseen eyes. For the latter, the reason is that you have shared part of the risk by installing fire and other advanced security systems. Thus, you can use this as a bargaining tool to reduce insurance premiums payable to your insurer.

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What Information Technology Management is About

The world is very much dependent on information technology because this is where businesses can get all of their information to customers or other consumers. Information technology is the study, development, and implementation with support of information systems. Information technology management is another step forward which takes the technology as a corporate resource where a company can organize it into an important tool to get their information to all targets. It can be used to help with business to gain new customers or to keep people abreast of all new things happening in the company.

What Does It Involve?

Businesses who employ it must be in close relations with IT management in order for their businesses can use it to its optimum effectiveness. Topics that need to be understood to make information technology work is strategic planning, financial management, and risk analysis.

With this area of expertise becoming so much more important in this world, people can study this area at length. There are bachelor, masters, and doctorate degrees. There are many colleges who offer these courses. There are even courses online that allow some people with current jobs to take an online course at home. It helps people to accomplish a goal without adjusting their lifestyle too much.

To more closely look at the role of an IT manager, they must know how to plan, design, select, and use the new technologies that are coming out to integrate into the business that is employing them. Therefore, it is the ability of a person to effectively use the systems available to make it work for a business.

How To Find Out More About IT Consulting

There are many resources online to find out more about this topic. There are schools who can help people decide if this is the career path that they would like to take. Businesses can get information on IT consultants who can help improve their businesses with setting up their system, and implementing the most economical system with up-to-date software.

There are journals available on all of the latest topics. They have some of the best people in the field keep other managers informed of new technologies being tested.

There can be specialists in different businesses who need information technology. Technology is advancing in every field, and it may take more expertise to implement information technology in certain fields because each field has its own specified systems.

In Demand Career

Information technology management is a necessary field as our society continues to grow. Information technology are a set of technological systems which groups or businesses employ in order to spread the information which they produce or in turn, collect. Businesses may not be information technology businesses and need the assistance of those who are experts in the field to implement it into their business. IT managers are these people, and they can help to study a business and build the network of a business with the most economical and up-to-date systems. To become an IT manager, one can go to college advisors to find out if this is the field for them. There are many programs across the country.

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Making A Career In Information Systems Management

Technology has always played a major role in the growth of a company. Over the past few years as technology has continued to become more and more advanced, companies are also adopting new technologies to stay ahead of their competitors. The field of information management system, therefore, offers a host of career opportunities for aspiring candidates. There is a great demand for information system managers who can efficiently handle the network and information system security of companies. If you are looking to make a career in the field of information technology, you can definitely decide to become information technology managers.

Whether it is a small firm, a mid size firm or a large company, information technology professionals are required across a range of industries. These professionals are responsible for looking after tasks including conducting research, supervising the network security and the internet operations task. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate for information systems management jobs will grow faster than the average of all occupations. As technology continues to become more and more advanced, more and more jobs will be added in this industry over the next decade.

Functioning as a project manager, professionals will need to handle a range of tasks associated with the project. They will work closely with other professionals like technology specialists, sales representatives and information technology consultants. In addition, these professionals also need to have the capability of coordinating with departmental managers and equipment suppliers as well. Strong interpersonal skills always have a major role to play in all of these tasks and dealings.

Educational Requirements
Candidates who aspire to make a career as an information systems manager should possess a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), information technology being the major focus. Candidates who get enrolled in such degree programs will study subjects like database administration, computer programming, business technology etc. In addition, students are required to get training in the traditional business ethics, finance and accounting.

Thanks to availability of hundreds of professional schools and colleges across the whole of United States, students can now obtain their degrees both online and via campus mode. Besides being equipped with the relevant degree program, candidates also need to acquire other essential skills required to obtain managerial positions in a company. Some of these skills include written and verbal communication skills, team playing skills, motivational skills etc. Managers will need to work closely with the team members as well as clients.

Employment Opportunities
Candidates with a master’s degree in business administration, a background in information technology and interpersonal skills will be most successful in their careers. There will be no dearth of opportunities for candidates, as more jobs will be added in the industry over the next decade. Network security for companies is a major issue, as they are more vulnerable to hackers and virus attacks. Managers who are trained in both technical and business skills will reap the maximum benefits in the field of information systems management.

Salary of informational technology professionals vary depending on work location, the years of experience they carry and the level of the job. Those who take up upper level management job positions can earn an annual salary ranging between $82,000 and $151,000. Salary for entry level positions is around $55,000 per year. Candidates will earn higher salary as they are promoted to upper level information system managerial positions and grow in work experience. Holding a position as an upper level manager always brings other benefits including bonuses, expense accounts and stock option plans among others.

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Bachelor Degree in Information Technology Management

Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate. It allows us to get tasks done at faster than ever, and has become a permanent aspect in people’s lives everywhere. Every day the internet is being used by millions and millions of people. Without a doubt, the internet is one of the number one ways businesses get in touch with clients, manage their money, etc. Information technology deals with the internet directly, and will allow you to apply it to a business setting.

The vast majority of corporations and businesses depend on computer systems and internet to conduct business and to communicate with others, thus making information technology mangers play a very important role. If the sound of working with computer systems directly, supervising your IT staff and training them, and developing software for different companies, you will be very happy with an online bachelor’s degree in IT management.

Apart from doing something you love, you’ll be making a very high amount of money as well. IT auditors making at least $49,000; however, an information technology manager can earn about $105,000. The job prospects for IT managers with bachelor degrees is increasing faster than expected, making job opportunities better than ever before for those with a degree and experience.

Another great thing about degree your IT degree online is that there are no classrooms; everything about IT management is all online. You can control what you learn based on the computer experience you already have. You’ll be learning new things with experienced professors. That way you know you’ll succeed.

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Advantages and Uses of Information Technology

Information technology mainly deals with computer applications. Nowadays the work environment is dependent upon computers. This renders information technology even more important as advancements in storage and protection of data or information, processing and transmission of data and retrieval of the information have become a must. Information technology is one the most revolutionized and advanced branch of the technology. Apart from this IT is involved in crucial works like management of data, system engineering and exclusive computer networking, cultural development and communication and streamlining and up gradation of business process. Latest information technology has brought many advantages and uses in the technological world. Following are some of the advantages and uses of the information technology.

IT And Globalization

Information technology is solely responsible for making this world truly globalized. IT is an interdependent system through which we share information and use one international language. The global boundaries in terms of culture and communication and access to information are diluting making it successful Marshal MacLauchlan’s global village. IT has given latest information technology features like text messages, auto-response, email, social networking networks. This communication system is cheap, quick and accessible twenty four hours.

IT And Online Shopping

Online sales are made possible only through information technology. Recent phenomenon of latest information technology is online shopping. You can explore the online market and find best product at best price by online shopping. The mechanism of bill payments and home delivery are properly managed in order to avoid troubles and inconvenience. It proves environment friendly because, you do not have to take your car and drive through the market to buy any other item. It saves transport cost, fuel and time wastage.

Business Advantages Of IT

Business field has made best use of the information technology. New trend in business world is internet business in which many businessmen are turning towards internet for greater productivity, profitability, and to ensure clients from around the globe. I know a guy who owns an appliance repair company in arlington tx, that was dead set against learning anything IT. But when i showed him the advantages, and how it can help his business he was all in. People belonging to business work and even clients from around the world communicate and exchange valuable information. Business can also be operated from distances, for that all you need to have is portable laptop or notebook etc. You can keep in touch with the work through net no matter wherever you are.

IT allows the business class to work more efficiently and with faster communication. One of the facilities provided by information technology is automated processes. It helps take burden off your working force of the company as computer system itself will run reports, create queries, monitor financials, and tracks projects. Online earning is also made possible through information technology; you can earn by sitting at home and do the job at home.

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